An essential portion of our practice is in litigation. We regularly appear and represent our clients in state courts throughout Central Pennsylvania and in district justice and federal courts. Our firm also represents clients before statewide administrative agencies, and we are fully prepared to represent clients in appeals before the Commonwealth, Superior and Supreme Courts of Pennsylvania.

Much of the litigation in which our downtown office is involved relates to real estate, business, and commercial matters. However, the attorneys in the downtown office have also represented our clients in personal injury, accident, wrongful death, and other types of cases in which they become involved.

The attorneys in our Lower Paxton office represent individuals primarily in personal injury actions and medical malpractice and accident cases.

Litigation does not end with the award of a judge or verdict of a jury. Our attorneys in both offices also assist our clients in the enforcement of judgments obtained in litigation. Our services include locating assets, initiating judgment execution proceedings and collecting the monies owed to our clients. We are fully aware of the many ways defendants try to avoid paying judgments and are well equipped to handle such situations. We are knowledgeable of the technical and legal requirements to enforce judgments, both within and outside of Pennsylvania. We are also cognizant of the practicalities our clients face in collecting their debts. We have also established a network of attorneys outside of Pennsylvania who assist us in the enforcement of judgments in those situations where the judgment debtors either have left the state or have assets located in other states.

Litigation Attorneys