Condominium & Homeowner Associations

In our practice, we routinely represent developers of residential and commercial communities in the creation of condominiums and planned communities. In addition, our attorneys regularly counsel condominium and homeowner associations in the transition of association control from the developer to the unit or home owners, and we provide continuing representation after the transition has been completed. With our knowledge of the Pennsylvania Uniform Condominium Act and the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Community Act, we provide guidance to association clients on issues ranging from reviewing contracts for maintaining common elements (such as lawn care, snow removal, and repairs) to interpreting the legal documents that control the associations.

We advise our association clients through the elected executive boards and offer assistance with planning and holding regular and required meetings of the association, including annual meetings of the owners and regular meetings of the operating board. We bring our experience in other areas of the law to assist these clients in matters such as collecting monthly fees, enforcing rules and regulations, and in the interaction of the controlling documents with other areas of the law, such as municipal ordinances.

Some of our association clients are independent and call on us only occasionally to help resolve disputes either among themselves or with third parties. Other clients rely on us to lead them on a regular basis to ensure that the association is run correctly and effectively. This includes helping to maintain the association records, providing the proper documentation for resale certificates, and advising the executive boards on who has responsibilities for maintaining, repairing and replacing the different parts of the units, the general common elements and the limited common elements. Our knowledge in representing developers in creating condominiums and planned communities has given us an advantage in working through the interplay of the operating documents with the practical and legal aspects of running an association.

Our clients range from small condominiums to complex mixed community developments consisting of thousands of residents in condominiums, single family homes and apartment complexes. Some of our larger association clients employ property management companies, and we are accustomed to working with those professionals as well.

Condominium & Homeowner Associations Attorneys