Liquor Law

Our attorneys have experience in the various areas of Liquor Law, and have advised our clients on issues such as transfers of liquor licenses, Liquor Code violations and citations, responding to allegations of liquor law violations, preventative measures to be taken to avoid violations, renewals of licenses, and the general operational requirements for liquor licensees. We have also assisted clients in locating available liquor licenses, negotiating the purchase of licenses and guiding our clients through the transfer process.

We advise our clients through the license application process while handling secondary matters involving real estate acquisition, leasing, financing, and business organization. Our attorneys have represented clients in liquor license purchases from the initial agreement to purchase an existing license, to the filing, processing, and approval of transfer applications with the Liquor Control Board, and the opening of restaurants and liquor facilities.

We have also represented our clients before the hearing examiners and the Administrative Law Judges of the Liquor Control Board, as well as the Pennsylvania appellate courts, in cases involving allegations of Liquor Code violations and attempts by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to terminate and or refuse to renew existing licenses.

Liquor Law Attorneys