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Serving the legal needs of the business community & individuals with integrity & quality services since 1973.

At Wix, Wenger & Weidner we believe that prompt, personal and careful attention to our clients' concerns is our first duty. We foster close communication with our clients. Our goal is to serve our clients' needs and objectives in a professional and efficient manner at a reasonable cost. Our firm enjoys an enviable reputation in the legal and business communities for both professional excellence and integrity.

Over the years we have dedicated our efforts to performing work of high quality in service of our clients' needs, rather than a high volume or rapid turnover of cases and clients. Many of our principal clients have been associated with us for many years, and in some cases for decades.

Bring your legal needs to Wix, Wenger & Weidner, Attorneys at Law

Bring your legal needs to Wix, Wenger & Weidner, Attorneys at Law

We understand how difficult it can be to navigate the legal system. We work hard to put your mind at ease by keeping you fully informed throughout the process. Don’t let the judicial system take away your rights by ruling against you – schedule an initial consultation with Wix, Wenger & Weidner, Attorneys at Law in Harrisburg.

Count on our lawyers for help with a variety of legal needs including those pertaining to:
Business law
Homeowners and Condominium Associations
Domestic relations
Employment law
Estate administration
Estate planning
Insurance defense
Landlord/tenant law
Liquor law
Municipal/zoning/land use law
Real estate law
Wills and trusts
Debt collection
Call one of our two offices in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to speak with our qualified lawyers about your case so you can have fighting chance in the courtroom.

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Bring your legal needs to Wix, Wenger & Weidner, Attorneys at Law

Instead of trying to find your own way through the complex legal system, work with the attorneys who put you first at Wix, Wenger & Weidner, Attorneys at Law in Harrisburg. We’ve helped many Pennsylvania residents since 1973 with a variety of legal issues.

Whether you want to start a business, buy or sell real estate, borrow money from a bank, prepare a will or handle the last wishes of a loved one, you’ll find the services you need at Wix, Wenger & Weidner, in Harrisburg, PA.

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At Wix, Wenger & Weidner, we work hard to bring you exceptional legal services and unmatched customer care. We’ll take an in-depth look into your case to determine the best way to present your case to the court. If you have a dispute with a tenant, want to achieve approval of a subdivision or land development plan or need to file suit against someone who wronged you, you won’t regret choosing Wix, Wenger & Weidner, Attorneys at Law in Harrisburg.

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